New information plaques have been installed in the Underbanks to explain the relevance of the street art. The plaques have been carefully installed to ensure they do not damage buildings or obstruct the artwork. The plaques have been created by local company The Sign Bridge. Images of the plaques can be seen below.

The street art project was developed to increase awareness of the Underbanks unique heritage. To find out more about the street art visit our Street Art page.

Go check out the murals in the Underbanks and let us know what you think!

Underbanks Mural

The Underbanks mural was created by Qubek and features objectives synonymous with the Underbanks.

Jimi Hendrix Mural

The Jimi Hendrix mural was created by Otto Schade and commemorates the gig the Jimi Hendrix Experience played at the Sinking Ship nightclub on February 12th 1967.

Shop Small, Live Local Mural

The Shop Small, Live Local mural was created by Emily Flanagan to recognise all the independent businesses that have settled in the Underbanks overtime.

Moth Mural

The Moth mural was created by Paintsmiths in collaboration with Cheshire Wildlife Trust to raise awareness of endangered species in the area. 

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