Underbanks Photography Competition 2022




Underbanks Photography Competition 2022: Brief








Fancy sharing with us the fantastic photographs that you have of the Underbanks area of Stockport Town Centre? What about having the chance to win vouchers to use in the local businesses in the Underbanks Townscape Heritage Area? 




Enter the Underbanks 2022 Photography Competition for the chance to win prizes, feature in a photography book, and have your image/s displayed at an evening gallery event.




Photographs can be taken anywhere in the Townscape Heritage Project area as detailed below. 




The theme for the competition is ‘Uncovering the Underbanks’. This can capture whatever you like in any format you choose- this could be a photograph of the streetscape, portrait photography, macro photography and so on.




The competition runs from Monday 4th July-Thursday 22nd September 2022. 




How to enter:




Please send your entries (a maximum of one per person, consisting of a maximum of three photos as part of a series) to underbanksth@stockport.gov.uk with an image title, your name, your contact details and the location your photograph was taken at by 11:59pm on Thursday 22nd September 2022.
















Underbanks Photography Competition 2022: Terms and Conditions








Terms and Conditions of Entry to the Underbanks Photography Competition and inclusion of your work in a photography book and gallery.




These Terms and Conditions (“the Terms”) apply to your entry of one or more photographs (“the Work(s)”) in the Rediscovering the Underbanks Project Photography Competition and the promotion of your Work(s) by them after submission.




The Exhibition will take place on Little Underbank, Stockport. Date TBD. 




 You” and “Your” shall refer to the person submitting the Work(s). Please read these Terms carefully before submitting your entry via email to underbanksth@stockport.gov.uk . 








1. Who May Enter Work into the Underbanks Photography Competition




You may submit Work(s) to the Exhibition if:


You are the Artist or creator of the Work(s), or You are expressly authorised to submit the Work(s) on behalf of the Artist. If you are so authorised, You agree to be bound by these Terms and assume the liabilities set out in these Terms







2. Ownership and Submission of Work




  • By submitting Your Work(s), You confirm that the Work(s) is free and clear of any liens, claims, encumbrances or restrictions, that the use of the Work(s) under these Terms will not infringe upon or violate the rights of any person or entity, and that to the best of Your knowledge and belief the Work(s) has not been exported from any country and shall not be imported into the United Kingdom in violation of any applicable laws or regulations.
  • If You do not own all of the rights, title and interest in and to the Work(s), You must expressly inform the Rediscovering the Underbanks in writing of all relevant details concerning all other third parties’ rights to the Work(s). You shall indemnify Rediscovering the Underbanks against all losses, liabilities, costs and expenses in respect of claims made by third parties alleging partial or total ownership of the Work(s) or any rights in the Work(s), including intellectual property rights.















3. Non-selection of or Withdrawal of Work by Rediscovering the Underbanks 




  • The nominated selection panel acting on behalf of Rediscovering the Underbanks may accept or decline any Work(s) submitted for the Exhibition and Competition entirely at its own discretion. The panel’s decision is final.
  • Rediscovering the Underbanks reserves the right to deny admission or withdraw a Work(s) from the Exhibition if for any reason the Work(s), or any circumstances surrounding the display of the Work(s), appears to Rediscovering the Underbanks to expose it to potential or actual damage to its reputation, risk of legal proceedings or enforcement including, without limitation, the alleged breach of third party intellectual property rights.







4. Rules for the Competition




  • Entrants can only submit an entry once, which can include up to three photos as part of a series
  • The competition is open from Monday 4th July-Thursday 22nd September
  • There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd (Vouchers for local businesses ranging from £50 for 1st, £30 for 2nd, and £20 for 3rd place)
  • Photo editing software is allowed
  • The photo can be in colour or black and white
  • The brief is ‘Uncovering the Underbanks’
  • By submitting an image, entrants agree that it is entirely their own work and agree that the Townscape Heritage Project can use the image for promotional purposes
  • The photo must be taken within the boundary of the Townscape Heritage Area, as pictured below:





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