Rediscovering the Underbanks has teamed up with Station South on their first Artvert campaign.

Based in Levenshulme, Station South is a grassroot social enterprise, working to restore the old railway station. Plans will see the historic building transformed into a cycle hub, café and co-working space.

Earlier this year, Station South launched their social advertising billboard, aka Artvert. The Artvert is for like-minded brands, business and events to promote themselves and add social value through advertising. The revenue generated from the advert will also help pay for community projects and will support local artists to showcase their work at Station South.

The Rediscovering the Underbanks Artvert was installed in May 2021 and features a colourful illustration of the Underbanks by local artist Eamonn Murphy. With its prime location on the A6 and Fallowfield Loop, the Artvert will promote the Rediscovering the Underbanks project in the wider community.

For more information about the collaboration and Artvert visit Station South.

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