The Town Centre Access Plan (TCAP) work to support the Rediscovering the Underbanks project has resumed in Little Underbank to improve the road and public realm, including new street furniture, paving upgrades and road reconstruction.

Phase 1 (substantially) completed in March 2020. This included:

Works to enhance the roads and accessibility. In recognition of the urgent need to repair the existing failures, the road was excavated and resurfaced between the automatic bollards and Royal Oak Yard.

A temporary, flexible road surface material (tarmac) has been laid. This was used in consideration of the existing failures and upcoming redevelopments adjacent to this section that require localised excavations. Localised pavement repairs will also be undertaken and street furniture will be re-painted.

Phase 2

Phase 2 of the works involves the full reconstruction of the carriageway and paving between Royal Oak Yard and the roundabout at the westerly end of Little Underbank. Prior to the main works, several utilities’ pipes and apparatus need to be diverted including gas, water and communications.

Works started in early June to divert the gas main on Little Underbank between Royal Oak Yard and St Petersgate bridge. Little Underbank is closed to vehicles 24/7 between Mealhouse Brow and the roundabout, including no vehicular access to Royal Oak Yard.

Pedestrian and emergency service access is being maintained at all times. A pedestrian management strategy is in place which considers social distancing requirements.

Deliveries are from Lower Hillgate, exit Mealhouse Brow or Chestergate / Great Underbank.

Following the gas diversion works, the water main will be upgraded along the whole length of Little Underbank. Works will also be taking place to lay various new telecommunications ducts.

Once the utilities works are complete the main highway reconstruction and paving works will commence. All works are being sequenced to avoid any abortive works and co-ordinated to minimise disruption as much as possible. Some highways works may be able to take place at the same time as the utilities works but this will only be when deemed possible and appropriate in consideration of social distancing.

The traffic management requirements will be reviewed and changed as the works progress, however, it’s anticipated that the through route will be closed to vehicles for the duration. We will aim to open as much of the road as possible at all times, including access to Royal Oak Yard. We’ll stay in close contact with businesses and residents as the works progress.

Subject to the completion of the utilities diversion works and in co-ordination with adjacent redevelopments, the main works are expected to be complete in early 2021.

Please be confident that measures are in place to make sure our staff are following government guidance in relation to coronavirus and social distancing. The delivery of schemes is only taking place where guidance can be followed to make sure that our staff and the public are safe.

Phase 3

Once adjacent redevelopment works have been completed, we’ll revisit the Phase 1 area between the automatic bollards and Royal Oak Yard with full reconstruction and paving.

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