We are looking to appoint experienced street artists (either a collective, organisation or individual artists) to manage the production and delivery of art installations in the Underbanks. These installations will form Phase 1 of a Street Art Trail – an exciting new addition to the wider renaissance of our town.

We are looking for artists who can deliver exemplary creativity and vision in the design, delivery and legacy planning of a Street Art Trail across Stockport Town Centre. We would like to hear from those who have experience working on high-quality, unique and place specific art installations, but we also welcome bids from local and emerging artists who can demonstrate their suitability.

Phase 1 will include up to 4 sites in the Market Place and Underbanks conservation area in Stockport Old Town. These art installations should have a strong focus on storytelling and linkages to the history of the area. Varying in location, size and surface material, the street installations may feature anything from large scale murals to smaller interventions. We are also committed to ensuring that this project is driven by the voices of as diverse a spectrum of artistic styles and lived experience as possible, including a cross-genre range of street art and mural styles.

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